Custom Regulations for Unaccompanied Baggage to India

Are you moving to India soon?

Whether you are shifting for a couple of years or are relocating to India permanently, you are bound to have a lot of household good you wish to move with you. While you can carry personal belongings on your own, most of the other items will have to be shipped separately.

You can hire an international moving company to help you, or do it yourself. Either way, you will have to be aware of the custom regulations in India. You don’t want to land in trouble on your very first day in the new country, right?

If you hire packers and movers for moving to India, they’ll manage most things for you. If you move on your own, you’ll have quite a few things to look after.

To help you get through customs easily, we’ve answered the 5 most commonly asked questions.

1. Do I have to carry everything I wish to move, with me? Can I ship it separately?

Carrying everything with you is nearly impossible. Since you’ll be travelling by air, there will be luggage weight restrictions. There are also several things that you are not allowed to carry on an airplane.

Moving companies usually ship your goods separately, as unaccompanied baggage. This also gives you the freedom to schedule your delivery conveniently. You can opt for a date few days after your arrival in India. That way, you can settle down in your new home easily without having to worry about your household items.

2. Is there anything I need to know before shipping unaccompanied baggage to India?

When you send your baggage through cargo or a freight service, it is termed as unaccompanied baggage.

For getting through customs, you need to pay a fee. Depending on what you are shipping, it may vary. It also depends on the destination and city of origin.

People usually opt for their belongings to be shipped after their arrival in India. This gives them enough time to settle and make themselves comfortable in the new country.

To avoid trouble and extra spends, make sure you schedule the delivery of your goods within a month of your arrival.

If you are familiar with the new place you will be moving to, and would rather that your household items reach before you do, you can schedule the delivery up to 2 months in advance.

3. What if there is a delay in the arrival of my shipment?

If your belongings don’t reach India within a month of your arrival, you might be in trouble. But if your case is genuine and you have enough proof, the custom officials will consider your case.

To avoid a situation like this, pick a date that leaves you with enough time to sort any problem, if faced with. To avoid all this stress altogether, hire a trusted moving company that guarantees timely delivery.

4. What are the documents needed for clearance of unaccompanied baggage?

Once your baggage has arrived, the custom officials will scan it thoroughly before releasing it.

This is to ensure you aren’t shipping any prohibited articles. Or valuable items you haven’e mentioned in the form.

For clearance of your unaccompanied baggage, you need to submit the following documents.

1. Duly filled baggage declaration form
2. Original passport of the passenger along with one photocopy
3. Bill of landing and delivery order

If you’ve hired a moving company, your unaccompanied baggage is usually collected by one of their representatives. To do so, you need to give them a letter of authority, so they can collect your baggage on your behalf.

5. Is there anything I am not allowed to ship?

Like every country, India also has a list of things you are not allowed to ship into and outside the country. If you’ve hired a moving company, they usually give you a list of items you aren’t allowed to carry.

You can find a list of restricted and prohibited items on India’s Central Board and Indirect Taxes snd Customs’ website.

If you’re still unsure about something, it’s best to ask your movers or the airport officials before shipping your package.

Moving home can be stressful.

International moves are especially difficult because you know little about the custom rules and regulations of the country you are moving to.

The best way to ensure a hassle-free move to India from a foreign country is by hiring packers and movers. Having someone experience manage everything for you is certainly better than feeling lost and confused in a new country, right?

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