Take full control of your moves in India.


Jags&Steve will be your eyes, ears, and head in India.

As an international moving company operating outside India, you regularly move clients into India. Often, out of India too.

To do this efficiently, you partner with move agents in India.

But, are you getting the best out of your local moving agent?

Why put up with lack of timely information?
Why live with just half the information?
Why be in the dark about your shipments?
How do you recognize padded up charges?
Why bear with inconsistent pricing that affects your profits?
Partner with Jags&Steve today

Settle for just smiles.

Don't live with poor service.

Insist on advanced levels of service that international moves demand.

For too long, you have put with less.

Put 50 years of relocation expertise to work for you.

  1. Clear customs on time, accelerate time to transport, speed up delivery, and unpack double-quick
  2. Benefit from a technology that shares relocation information. Helps you view the day-to-day shipment progress on mobile app 24/7.
  3. Gain from transparent pricing. Eliminate fabricated charges and wrong billing. Reduce your operating costs.
  4. Get a single point contact for information on your shipment anywhere in India.
Partner with Jags&Steve today

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Get all the moving services your clients deserve from Jags&Steve

1. Clear Your Goods at the Customs

Our customs clearing service eases the Import and Export of your household articles in record time. We are happy to handle all the trade compliance and procedures, and clear consignments by sea, land, and air efficiently.

2. Store, Transport & Unpack

Using state-of-the-art technology and our 23-city local network, Jags&Steve controls your client relocations. We handle everything from paperwork, customs, storage, shipping and transport, and shifting the goods to a new home. We unpack goods with care plus manage all your documentation.

3. Provide Orientation Services

Our area orientation services provide your client with a perspective of India. It helps your client deal with the potential issues that could arise, shows them how to avoid these, and explains what life in the new location is like.

4. Get Look See Services

We help your client search for, identify, and choose houses, apartments, or bungalows. We’re happy to conduct tours to put your client in touch with local school officials. We also test drive your client’s commute and help with the local public transport. We orient your client thoroughly with local habits and culture.

5. Manage Visas, Clear Immigration

This covers visa pre-screening, tracking and renewal, and cancellation. Plus visa documentation collection and help with visa issuance and delivery, permit application advice and application.

6. Liaise with Foreigner Regional Registration Office [FRRO]

This office deals with registration, stay, movement and departure of foreign nationals in India. We’re happy to liaise with these offices on behalf of your clients.

7. Manage tenancy

We will provide your client with full help for tenancy, assist with lease negotiations and renewals, and help control dilapidation. We will also deal with tradespeople, cleaning services, and landlords on your client's behalf.

4 steps to a move partnership that matches your service levels.

Call, or write to us about your move

Get estimates, finalise your move

Assign the work to us

Rest easy. Smile.

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Settle for just smiles.


Our achievements speak.


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Partner with Jags&Steve today

Settle for just smiles.

  • "We’re very unhappy with the move services from India for a long time.

    We had no choice because most move agents were no different. Finding the right agent or understanding the true pricing was like looking for needle in a haystack."

    Bright Removals, Dubai
  • "Steve opened our eyes to the relocation pricing benchmarks in India through an audit of our move pricing.

    We haven’t looked back since. Jags&Steve is our trusted partner in India for moves from Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. We would recommend them without reservation."

    Universal Relocation, Bahrain

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